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Stainless steel Internal Floating Roof

The buoyancy tank style internal floating roof use the structure of tank that the main part of the IFR is tank shape.
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The stainless steel internal floating uses the well shaped or cross structure. All the materials used are made of stainless steel. The overall structural strength of the floating roof is enhanced, and the service life of the floating plate is correspondingly prolonged.

The assembled stainless steel internal floating roof adopts a small section pontoon to ensure that each pontoon can pass through the manhole, and each pontoon is rolled by stainless steel plate. There is a weld on the pontoon, which is above the liquid level when the floating roof is moving. It does not contact with the medium, so the possibility of leakage is reduced.

The outer ring pontoons are distributed in a centralized way. Several pontoons are evenly arranged near the outer ring sealing belt to make the sealing belt bear uniform force, reduce the friction between the sealing belt and the tank wall during the operation of the floating roof or plate, and increase the structural strength near the sealing belt. The operation safety of the sealing belt of the floating roof is ensured, and the chuck phenomenon will not occur.

Assembled stainless steel floating roof is easy and fast to install. Low maintenance cost, bolt connection and no welding for the roof, especially suitable for the transformation tank.

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