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FAQ of Internal Floating Roof

  • What’s the composition of pontoons type internal floating roof?

    1 Pontoons
    The pontoon use seamless aluminum pipe which is extrusion molding to make sure its tightness. The design buoyancy is twice over the total weight of the internal floating roof.
    2 combined skeleton
    The skeleton is made of kinds of aluminum profile. The margin plate designed to immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth.
    3 Vents
    When the press of the oil gas below the internal floating roof comes to 0.01Kgf/cm2, the vents could open automatically to drain the air and oil gas out. When the internal floating roof descend to the lowest position, the vents also could open automatically.
    4 Manhole
    The manhole is designed to open freely to make sure of the installation and the man could go through conveniently. The round of the manhole is sealed with suitable sealing. The nether frame of the manhole should immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth. The airtightness is very good.
    5 Support Leg
    The support leg is installed under the internal floating roof to make installation and maintaining convenient. The leg is made of seamless aluminum pipe which is placed equality under the internal floating roof. Their load capacity is more than the critical pressure of the internal floating roof and its height could be adjusted freely according to the structure of the tank bottom.
    6 Sealing
    Using which kind of sealing is according to the liquid handled in the tank or the different welding line of the tank wall. Tongue shape and balloon shape sealing are the main style of sealing tape.
    7 Oil Gauge
    The oil gauge is designed and manufactured according to the measuring of the tank. The nether of the oil gauge should immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth. The upper is the flexible rubber sealing.
    8 Anti-rotation Device
    The anti-rotation device could control the waggle or swing of the the internal floating roof upon the liquid in case the internal floating roof has big rotation and center position shift.
    9 Anti-static Device
    The anti-static device is to output the static from the internal floating roof to the earth to prevent the fire accident due to the static on the internal floating roof which is caused by the loading or unloading of the liquid in the tank.The ground resistance is less than 10Ω.
  • What’s the most important parts for loading arms?

    Swivel joints are precision components for the connection between stationary pipes (or hoses) and rotating parts of machines. The function is the transport or gaseous, liquid or semi-solid substances from and to machines. 
  • What’s loading arm?

    There are three kinds of loading arms: Marine loading arm, truck loading arm, rail car loading arm. A loading arm permits the transfer of liquid or liquefied gas from one tank to another through an articulated pipe system considering or rigid piping and swivel joints to obtain flexibility. Transfer to or from a truck transported tank ot rail transported tank requires a top loading arm or a bottom loading arm.
    A Marine loading arm, also known as a mechanical loading arm, loading arm, or MLA is a mechanical arm considering of articulated steel pipes that connect a tankship such as an oil tanker or chemical tanker to a cargo terminal.


  • Folding Stair Catalog.pdf

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  • Folding Stair Catalog.pdf

  • Catalog of LICO.pdf

  • Folding Stair Catalog.pdf

  • Catalog of LICO.pdf


The loading arm is manufactured and tested according to the ministry of chemical

industry standard HG/T21608-2012 < Engineering Technical Requirements for

Liquid Loading Arm>. The inspection procedure is as follows:

 1. Factory inspection of raw material

 2. Pressure testing, includes hydro static test and air tightness test.

 3. Performance testing

 4. Coating testing

We can also supply some other nondestructive testing such as radiographic testing, ultrasonic testing, penetrant testing according to clients requirements.


After Sale Service Commitment:
 1.Ask user’s opinions regularly, communicate, solve problems, improve work actively. Ensure the supply of spare parts;
 2.We ensure the equipment supplied is new, unused and made in best materials and first-class technology, and conform to the provisions in each aspect of quality, specification and performance requirements of contract. 
 3.Guarantee period: 12 months from date of start up or 18 months after delivery, whichever happens first. 
 4.In the quarantee period, if the quality problem is caused by us, we’ll repair and replace for free. The guarantee period for the repair and replaced parts is 12 months from date of start up or 18 months after delivery, whichever happens first. If the quality problem is caused by the user, we will repair and replace promptly, fees shall be borne by the user.
 5.If the equipment and the material do not conform to the relevant standards, norms , technical conditions and the requirement in the manufacturing drawings and technical requirements after inspection and testing, we will try to eliminate the defect until the products qualified and obtain satisfactory results.
 6.After the guarantee period expires, we shall provide product technical consulting for free and provide product life-long maintenance services, and provide the spare parts at competitive price. 
 7.After-sale service 
When receiving the feedback and complain from the user, we’ll reply within 24 hours, and provide solution.

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