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Loading Monitoring System

It’s used for the data collecting and storage, process flow diagram display, operating process monitoring, data management, database interface and checking, creating operating report forms.
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It's used for the data collecting and storage, process flow diagram display, operating process monitoring, data management, database interface and checking, creating operating report forms. The loading monitoring system is generally composed by computer and configuration software etc.

There is only 1 set operating station, using for operating and monitoring process flow, monitoring the equipment condition, monitoring and confirming the equipment failure, dynamic display, display/inspecting and alarming for the site inspection point, presetting the process flow parameter, remote controlling for the valve, display and storage for process trends, printing for failure and operating report etc.

The function of the configuration software contains:

2.2.3 Display

The operating station sets up the follows drawing display:

1) Menu

The menu is grouped according to process. When the mouse click to the relevant menu, the menu will switch to the relevant screen.

2) Process flow diagram screen

Using similar user’s flow process diagram to display process information. It sets up operating window to operate any control loop. The system equips standard symbol library which can assign the color, flicker and display mode etc according to requirements. It supports dynamic symbol and can customize the symbol library. The configuration software can supply the editor which can edit the process flow screen according to user’s requirements.

The process information on the process flow diagram can be up to 20,000 pieces. The lowest information refresh rate is less than 1 second.

3) Group controlling screen

Using similar normal adjustable instrument or indicator to display loop and the information of measuring point, such as value, setting value, outputting value, control type(manual/automatic) and high/low alarm limit etc. The value can refresh once per second.

Grouping can proceed freely and can also overlap. Every value has lag number name of 16 symbol and description of 80 words.

Operator can adjust any value(number or analogous) information from grouping screen. To analogous loop, it can operate and convert the setting value, outputting value and control mode etc. To number loop, it can send out orders of open/close and the screen should display the order state and actual state.

4) Loop parameter screen

It can display the entire information of any assigned control point, such as value, setting value, outputting value, operating mode, history trends, setting parameter, alarming value, calculating type etc which parameters are modified by engineer. According to the parameter screen, it can also operate the analogous loop and number loop.

5) Trends diagram curved display

The operating station uses different color and time interval to display at least 4 values in the screen. The value can choose any group and it has enlarge and roll function. The trends diagram includes one moving cursor and data zone, displaying the number value of the crossing point where each trend curve and cursor connects. The X and Y coordinate of trends diagram can be two kinds that of self-adaptation and setting, the adjacent time point could be set up as 1 second and the longest trend time could be 1 year. The trends diagram has many data types such as average display, longest display and shortest display.

It can display single or several testing point at the same time of the just-in-time trend and history trend.

It can display history trends of 8 hours, 24 hours, 1 week, 1 month and half year etc.

The trend display screen set up drag function, which can display the detailed value at the time.

Different testing point has different color in the same trend diagram.

6) Alarming summary screen

It contains entire alarming point and list all of the recent alarming according to time. Every alarming contains alarming information, lag number, confirmation state, alarming date, time, the time back to normal etc. The alarming point which hasn’t been confirmed shows bright red color and flash.

The operating station has windows function. It can display multiple types of windows at the same time and the above screens can be grouped freely.

All of the operating screen and display drawing can be English version.




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