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Intelligent Grounding Anti-static Alarm with Monitoring System

Electrostatic grounding alarm also can be called anti-static alarm, which is a standard product for anti-static in loading and unloading process of oil tank trucks.
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Electrostatic grounding alarm also can be called anti-static alarm, which is a standard product for anti-static in loading and unloading process of oil tank trucks. It can not only lead static electricity generated during liquid transfer into the earth, but also can automatically detect the grounding condition throughout the whole process. When the grounding is poor or disconnected, sound alarm shall be given to ensure the safety of production. This product is a standardized equipment for gas station and other petrochemical industry. Before unloading oil from oil tank truck, static grounding alarm should be connected firstly. Mobile electrostatic grounding alarm is portable portable box type, which can be flexibly moved according to the needs, used in multiple cargo locations, and can also be used for vehicle.


It connect with ground outputting the static from the truck into the earth. When the grounding clamp has a poor connection with the truck, the contact signal will be transferred to the loading control device which will output control signal to stop the loading automatically.

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