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Hydraulic LPG Marine Loading Arm with Vapor Return Line

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LPG loading arm is used for liquid petroleum gas loading and unloading. LPG is liquid petroleum gas, which is a colorless volatile liquid obtained by natural gas or  oil liquefaction under pressure and temperature in the refinery. The liquefied gas is flammable and explosive volatile medium, and special loading arm is need for closed loading and unloading operation. The structure for LPG loading arm is AL2543.


Land/truck loading arm is a kind of important fluid transfer equipment nowadays in the petrochemical industry. It is mainly used for transferring the fluid such as petroleum, LNG, LPG, gasoline, diesel, oil, liquid ammonia, EO or other chemicals etc between the pipe system and the tankers.

It mainly consists of pipeline, swivel joint, spring or counterweight balance system, flange, vapor cone or seal cap, level sensor, vacuum breaker, drop pipe deflector, quick coupling, dry coupling, emergency break away coupling etc.
Equipped with loading platform, folding stairs and safety cage, overfilling&grounding alarm, batch controller etc to make the land loading arm into a complete loading system.

According to the products, models and requirements of customers, the operating modes could be manual, pneumatic or hydraulic etc.



Basic characteristics:

*It is suitable for loading/unloading operation on different condition, because of kinds of structures such as AL1401, AL1402, AL1403, AL1412, AL1413, AL1512, AL2503, AL2543, AL2513, AL2404 etc.

*It can follow the movement of the tanker in a definite range

*The balance type can be counterweight, spring cylinder, pneumatic or electro hydraulic.

*Variety of ancillary facilities are available for selection in order to achieve safe operation or environmental protection, such as overfilling&static alarm, batch controller, emergency break away coupling etc.

*Pipeline material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloy, PTFE lined, etc

*Nominal diameter: DN50-DN200 (2″-8″)

*Design pressure: -0.06Mpa-6.0Mpa

*Design temperature: -196°C-300°C

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