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Hexagon Internal Floating Roof

The hexagon internal floating roof use the structure of tank that the main part of the IFR is tank shape.
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The structure of the internal floating roof is hexagon or triangle. Normally the hexagon internal floating roof is pontoons type with aluminum material.

The aluminum internal floating roof can be manually assembled quickly. It has a strong hexagon structure and effective seal. The aluminum internal floating roof can be applicable for various sizes of storage tanks. The floating roof itself does not pollute oil or chemicals. It can reduce the volatilization of medium, preventing air pollution. With low cost, short construction time, corrosion resistance, taking us little space and having a long service life etc, it is an ideal internal floating roof.

Standard accessories of internal floating roof: vent valve, gauge hatch, liquid level device, floating plate, manhole, anti-rotation device, anti static device and steel tape level gauge.

Special accessories of internal floating roof: Sampler, diffuser, vents etc.


1.1 Pontoons

The pontoon use seamless aluminum pipe which is extrusion molding to make sure its tightness. The design buoyancy is twice over the total weight of the internal floating roof.

1.2 combined skeleton

The skeleton is made of kinds of aluminum profile. The margin plate designed to immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth.

1.3 Vents

When the press of the oil gas below the internal floating roof comes to 0.01Kgf/cm2, the vents could open automatically to drain the air and oil gas out. When the internal floating roof descend to the lowest position, the vents also could open automatically.

1.4 Manhole

The manhole is designed to open freely to make sure of the installation and the man could go through conveniently. The round of the manhole is sealed with suitable sealing. The nether frame of the manhole should immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth. The air tightness is very good.

1.5 Support Leg

The support leg is installed under the internal floating roof to make installation and maintaining convenient. The leg is made of seamless aluminum pipe which is placed equality under the internal floating roof. Their load capacity is more than the critical pressure of the internal floating roof and its height could be adjusted freely according to the structure of the tank bottom.

1.6 Sealing

Using which kind of sealing is according to the liquid handled in the tank or the different welding line of the tank wall. Tongue shape and balloon shape sealing are the main style of sealing tape.

1.7 Oil Gauge

The oil gauge is designed and manufactured according to the measuring of the tank. The nether of the oil gauge should immerse into the liquid more than 100mm depth. The upper is the flexible rubber sealing.

1.8 Anti-rotation Device

The anti-rotation device could control the waggle or swing of the the internal floating roof upon the liquid in case the internal floating roof has big rotation and center position shift.

1.9 Anti-static Device

The anti-static device is to output the static from the internal floating roof to the earth to prevent the fire accident due to the static on the internal floating roof which is caused by the loading or unloading of the liquid in the tank.The ground resistance is less than 10Ω.


The IFR use the traditional webbed hexagon structure, the pontoons are combined on the skeleton. The pontoon is placed orderly, so the internal floating roof could increase and decrease the pontoons according to the different buoyancy in the premise of the enough strength of the IFR to ensure of the IFR meeting the requirements.

The IFR is designed to make the oil gas space lowest to reduce the evaporation of the liquid. After the strict test, IFR could reduce the evaporation of gas oil greatly that the efficient is more than 99.7%. It could save energy, improve economic performance as well as preventing environmental pollution.

This structure divide the oil gas space into several small air space to damp the impact from the liquid caused by the internal floating roof working, absorbing the kinds shock wave at the most from the liquid to ensure the IFR smooth and steady, up and down freely. The anti-static design is perfect to make sure of the safety.

The IFR is combined or installed by the bolts that there is no welding for the installation. All of the components is standard and molding to make the installation and maintain simple and convenient.

The oil gas space is very small to improve the loading coefficient, which improve the storage efficient of the tank.

All of the investment of the IFR could be returned in 3 years. The cost recovery speed is according to the using frequency of the IFR. The using lifetime for the IFR is more than 15 years ( sealing 5 years) without maintenance. The economical benefit is remarkable.

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