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Fuel Industrial Top Loading Arm for Marine

  • AM63

  • LICO

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Marine loading arm is the special equipment for loading/unloading fluid materials crossing over the wharf and tanker, with swivel joints connecting pipelines, assist by a supporting structure, including other accessories such as control systems required by customers.

At present, the marine loading/unloading arms has many structural forms in such series as AM61, AM62, AM63 and AM64.

According to the difference in physical and chemical features and temperature of the transmission medium of the loading/unloading arms as well as special requirements of customers, the arms can be designed in many pipe forms such as carbon steel, stainless steel and heat tracing, with temperature range being -196~250℃, the maximum design pressure 10Mpa and nominal pipe size DN80~DN600 (3”~24”). The operating mode can be designed as manual or electro-hydraulic control type in accordance with caliber, model and load of the loading/unloading arms and the customer requirements. During the fluid transmission process, the arm can move with the tanker within the normal drift range of the latter. It can also be set with an acoustic-optical alarm device, thereby providing acoustic-optical alarm through travel monitoring system in case header pipe of the tank drifts beyond the specified operating scope.

Marine loading arm is comprised of: pipeline, plumbing accessories, swivel joint, balancing assembly, supporting structure and operating system.







Shot blasting


Sa2.5 grade



Epoxy zinc rich paint



Intermediate coat

MIO epoxy paint



Finish coat

Chlorinated rubber finish paint



Structure features:

Self-supporting single line arm, each of inboard arm and outboard arm has its own counterweight system. The arm’s moving parts and external loads are taken by the swivels. The structure is simple, suitable for light-tonnage vessels and shorter arm length operations.


Structure features: A part of the product pipe provides support to the loading arm, but most weight and loads are supported by an independent body or supporting auxiliary supporting organizations. Inner and outer arms share one counterweight system. Mixed mode support for single-tube loading arms are compactly structured, suitable for large-tonnage vessels.


Structure features:

Branched support loading arms, also referred to as independently supported loading arms. Its structure system and process pipes are separated from each other. All the weight and external loads are taken by the structure support. The process pipe and swivel joints do not bare extra loads, so the load on swivel joints is small and that can extend the use time. Inner and outer arms share one counterweight system, suitable for bigger ships and prolonged operations.


Structure features:

Branched double-pipe loading arms, also known as independently supported double pipe loading arms. Its characteristic is an additional pipe, usually for gas return. The gas and liquid pipes move synchronously. Inner and outer arms are on one common weight distribution system and are independent from product pipes. The weight of the loading arm and product loads are borne by support structures. Process pipelines and swivel joints basically do not bear loads. Swivel joints are lightly loaded, allowing long operation life. Support single-tube loading arms are compactly structured, commonly used in the handling of LNG.

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