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Is it necessary to purchase batch controllers?

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The controller is also called a quantitative loading control system, and its main function is to control the loading facility to quantitatively load materials. So, is it necessary to buy batch controllers?

The following is the outline:

1.What is the purpose of buying a batch controller?

2.Is it necessary to purchase batch controllers?

3.How to choose a suitable batch controller?

What is the purpose of buying a batch controller?

1.Quantitative feeding. Quantitative loading control is the main function of the controller. With the controller, the loading volume of each transport of the loading arm can be visually displayed in electronic form. The amount that can be added, subtracted, and processed is more suitable for large factories.

2.Remote monitoring. By connecting to the Internet, the controller can learn the usage parameters and specific performance of the loading equipment it is connected to. In addition, if there is a parameter abnormality, it can also remotely report to the police in time.

3.Strengthen safety protection. The controller itself has emergency power-off protection, overcharge protection, etc. In addition, in the overall control of the loading equipment, the safety status of other equipment will also be protected to protect the safety of workers.

Is it necessary to purchase batch controllers?

1.According to the size of the factory. If it is a small manufacturer that is new to the loading and distribution industry, the number of loading arms is limited and the human resources are sufficient, so you can choose not to buy it. But the controller will greatly improve production efficiency.

2.According to the demand for production efficiency. If the construction period is urgent and there are certain requirements for the quality and efficiency of the loaded and transported fluid, it is recommended to buy. In this way, simple mechanical tasks are handed over to machines, and humans can engage in smarter tasks.

3.According to the importance of safety. There is never too much security protection. If the economy is sufficient, the controller can better protect the safety of loading equipment and operators.

How to choose a suitable batch controller?

1.According to the type of loading equipment. Batch controllers have different sizes and functional models. Therefore, you need to learn more about the supporting facilities of other loading equipment in the factory before purchasing.

2.According to the actual operation skills of the workers. Before purchasing an advanced controller, technical training is required for the main operators. If the technical training fails, it is useless to purchase the equipment.

3.Carefully screen controller manufacturers. You can't just look at the company profile, but more importantly, pay attention to the company's consumer feedback.

In short, the main function of the batch controller is quantitative loading control, which can ensure safety, remote control, and improve efficiency, so it is necessary to purchase. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company devoted itself to the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about the controller, please contact us.

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