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Why do factories need flow meters?

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In the petrochemical industry, if the loading arm is the hardworking big brother, the batch controller is the meticulous manager, and the flowmeter is a healthy logistics. So why do factories need flow meters?

The following is the outline:

1.Why do factories need flow meters?

2.What are the functions of the flowmeter?

3.How to choose the right flow meter?

Why do factories need flow meters?

1.Loading work needs real-time monitoring. Although the batch controller has the function of quantitative feeding, the machine is controlled by humans, so the possibility of error cannot be avoided. Therefore, flow detection can help measure the specific internal conditions of each fluid cross-section.

2.Improve efficiency. The flow detection equipment uses an LED screen to display the detection data in real time, so the operator can intuitively know whether the loading arm is overloaded or there is an empty pipe. This kind of transportation is more efficient.

3.ensure safety. Some fluids in chemical plants are corrosive. Therefore, the volume of the fluid should be controlled within a reasonable range to avoid rupture of the pipe wall caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

What are the functions of the flowmeter?

1.Real-time detection of traffic. At this time, the core function of the flow detection equipment, through the detection of electromagnetic, volume, and mass flow, can understand the flow of fluid in the pipeline from many aspects.

2.Boost morale. In many cases, morale does not come from the company gathering together in the morning to shout slogans, but everything in the production process is orderly and full of vigor. In this way, employees can feel more meaningful in their work every day.

3.Satisfy the sense of accomplishment. Most of the loading arms are made of opaque stainless steel. Therefore, the operator cannot intuitively understand the operating conditions of the fluid inside the equipment, and the sense of participation is low. The flow detection equipment can solve this problem well.

How to choose the right flow meter?

1.Choose according to the characteristics of the transported fluid. Because the internal materials of flow meters of different natures are different, volume flow measurement can be used for fluids with stable physical properties. For fluids with strong acidity and strong corrosiveness or ultra-low temperature, it is suitable to use electromagnetic flow detection equipment that does not directly contact.

2.Choose according to the fund budget. Generally speaking, the unit price of volume flow detection is lower, and the price of ultrasonic flow detection devices and oval gear flow meters is higher. You can choose according to the factory's budget.

In short, factories need flow meters not only for efficiency, but also for safety. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company brought to bear in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about flow detection devices, welcome to the company’s official website for consultation, I believe we can give Your satisfactory answer.

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