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Why choose a rail car loading arm?

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Li Bai's poem says "I am born to be useful", everything has its suitable occasion and time to play a role, and the same is true for loading equipment. So, why choose a railcar loading arm?

What is a rail car loading arm?

What are the advantages of railcar loading arms?

Why choose a rail car loading arm?

What is a rail car loading arm?

Transport fluid. The rail car unloading arm is the unloading arm first, which is responsible for the transportation and transmission of fluids. Just like an ordinary unloading arm, it is composed of pipes, optional joints, counterweight or spring balance system, liquid level sensor, etc., and has a good airtight effect.

Connect the pipeline system and railcar tank car. The difference between the railcar unloading arm and the ordinary is that the other end of the railcar is connected to neither a truck nor an oil tanker, but a railcar tanker, which requires tight dimensions and can be just matched.

Often used in the petrochemical industry. The inside of the rail car unloading arm is often used to transport various fuel oil, lubricating oil, edible oil, crude oil and other media.

What are the advantages of railcar loading arms?

Long wingspan length. For rail cars to be perfectly docked, the unloading arm is required to have sufficient length so that it can move better. However, the movement of the railcar unloading arm is only in a small range, which is not as good as the ship unloading arm that needs to meet the normal drifting requirements of the ship.

Not off the hook. The rail car unloading arm and the joint of the train are perfectly matched, just like the tenon and tenon structure in traditional Chinese woodworking. Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the size of the boom and the size and spacing of the train interface.

Oil immersion loading and unloading. The unloading arm can go deep into the oil body, so as to avoid the loss of the source interface during the transmission of chemical products. In addition, oil immersion loading and unloading also has certain requirements on the material of the pipeline, requiring corrosion resistance and acid resistance, and stainless steel materials can meet the basic needs.

Why choose a rail car loading arm?

For professionals. The connection of railcar tank cars requires special equipment, and railcar loading arms are a very suitable choice. In doing so, you can have a well-fitting interface, a reasonable-scale arm span space, and a precise movement space.

The shape is appropriate. The railcar unloading arm can create pipe shapes of different heights and different directions according to the shape of the local track. The loading arm is like a silent guardian, protecting the safe and fast transportation of cargo.

Closely combined. Various types of joints are used, including rotary joints, quick joints, dry joints, emergency disconnect joints, etc. Each joint has different applicable occasions and functions.

In short, the railcar loading arm is a loading facility dedicated to transporting fluids between the pipeline system and the railcar. It is well-made, reasonable in size, and has a precise arm span. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company worked on the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have related needs, please feel free to come here to consult.

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