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Why choose a mass flow meter?

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In the past, measuring fluid quality can only be obtained indirectly after transportation through various systems, but mass flow meters have created a new way. So why did people choose mass flow meters?

The following is the outline:

1.What is the working principle of a mass flow meter?

2.Why choose a mass flow meter?

3.What could be the cause of the failure of the mass flow meter?

What is the working principle of a mass flow meter?

1.Coriolis force. That is, the force generated by the fluid on the pipe wall when the fluid is flowing in the rotating loading pipe. Two flow tubes are installed inside the mass flow measurement equipment. According to the Coriolis force, the signal of the twisting and rotating flow tube can be judged, and the density of the medium can be interpreted based on this.

2.Take temperature and pressure into account. The traditional volume flow measurement method is affected by the density of the fluid, and the error is often large. The new generation of mass flow measurement equipment can measure the density of fluids. In addition, through calculation, temperature can also be tested.

3.Focus on chemical reactions. Since most of the fluids transported are chemical processing fluids, there are sometimes fluids with easily changed chemical properties. At this time, a mass flow test device is needed, which can judge the cooling effect of the air flow, etc.

Why choose a mass flow meter?

1.Suitable for a variety of fluids. Mass flow meters are suitable for the measurement of most chemical fluids except corrosive, and the price is lower than that of ultrasonic flow testers. In addition, the measurement accuracy of the mass flow test method is also very high and the error is small.

2.No straight pipe requirements. The traditional volume flow test is measured by inserting multiple cross-sections into the instrument, but it is limited to straight and flat pipes. The mass flow detection does not have the restriction of the pipeline shape, and the application scope is wider.

3.Safe and reliable. This measuring device will not cause any harm to fluids or workers. It is equipped with a core processor and has strong performance and high efficiency.

What could be the cause of the failure of the mass flow meter?

1.The installation is not standardized. The specific manifestations are in violation of the installation sequence, or inappropriate selection of the installation location, insufficient sensor support, and technical specifications during welding.

2.Wiring problem. The mass flow test equipment needs to form a complete circuit closed loop to work normally. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on voltage, wire connection process, etc.

3.The component fails. Any damage to the sensor, wire, interface, etc. may be the cause of the failure of the flow test device.

In short, the mass flow meter improves the traditional volume flow test device can not control the temperature, pressure, fluid density and other problems. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company racked its’ brains about in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about mass flow testing equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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