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Why choose a low temperature loading arm?

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In the transmission and distribution process of the petrochemical industry, the loading arm has always been very important. So, what is a low-temperature unloading arm and why is it so popular?

What are the characteristics of the cryogenic loading arm?

What is the function of the cryogenic loading arm?

Why choose a low temperature loading arm?

What are the characteristics of the cryogenic loading arm?

Low temperature resistance. Ordinary materials will suffer performance damage or even break at extremely low temperatures, while low-temperature loading arms are suitable for conveying items at low temperatures. Therefore, when transporting ultra-low temperature chemicals (such as liquefied natural gas), professional cryogenic unloading arms should be considered first.

Special welding process. At the pipe connection, the rotary joint of special material is selected to ensure that the contents in the tank will not permeate and flow out. In addition, the joints at the connection have undergone multiple strict tests and quality inspections, and only qualified transmission devices can be sold on the market.

Stand pipe base. Through the base riser design, mechanical stress can be well absorbed. In this way, the stress will be reduced to the lowest level and the service life will be greatly extended.

What is the function of the cryogenic loading arm?

Transmission of extremely low temperature liquefied gas. For example, natural gas is compressed and cooled to its boiling point (-161.5 degrees Celsius) to become liquefied natural gas. With this extremely low temperature gas, ordinary equipment can no longer meet the distribution and transmission needs.

Protect product safety. The extremely low temperature liquefied gas needs stable pressure and temperature during the distribution process to ensure that it is in liquid form. Therefore, the rigorous equipment can protect the product from damage during transmission, and strive to deliver it completely when the delivery is completed.

Isolate the external environment. Low-temperature rotary joint sealing is more convenient. In addition, equipped with a nitrogen purge system, the loading arm is as bright as new every time it is used.

Why choose a low temperature loading arm?

Precision connectors. The rotary joints manufactured by CNC machine tools are tightly integrated, eliminating the interference of human negligence. Every rotary joint has strict manufacturing parameters to ensure that there is no gap between the joint and the pipe connection and prevent product loss.

Strict quality inspection. For the low-temperature unloading arm to meet the extremely low-temperature distribution conditions, all parts of the equipment need to undergo multiple rigorous audits.

Specialized in low temperature environment. People who do one thing professionally tend to do better than others. Therefore, the low-temperature unloading arm has a more prominent function at low temperature when it is specially designed for low temperature environment.

In short, people's preference for low-temperature unloading arms is related to its characteristics, functions, and component parameters. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company focused on the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you need low temperature loading arms, welcome to come here.

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