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What should I pay attention to when choosing a marine loading arm?

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In ship transportation, it is the loading tool that assumes the role of the hub pipeline. So, What should I pay attention to when choosing a Marine Loading Arm?

The following is the outline:

Why choose a marine loading arm?

How to choose a marine loading arm?

What should I pay attention to when choosing a marine loading arm?

Why choose a marine loading arm?

Connect the tanker to the terminal. If the chemical fluid on the tanker is transported by manpower alone, it will consume a lot of manpower and material resources. The unloading arm is a typical representative of liberating manpower with tools. With the loading equipment, fluid transmission can be easily completed by means of air pressure difference or electro-hydraulic.

Meet the free floating state of the ship. Land unloading arms pay attention to fixation and stability, while ship unloading arms need to be able to move with the tanker to a certain extent for anti-counterfeiting. Therefore, we must choose a special ship unloading arm.

Acid and corrosion resistant. The marine loading arm chooses corrosion-resistant and acid-resistant stainless steel pipes, and the rotary joints are tightly sealed, even if it is seawater, it is not afraid of corrosion.

How to choose a marine loading arm?

Choose according to the size of the ship. The size of the ship is different, you can freely choose single-arm span or double-line bracket type unloading arm. The former is suitable for small cargo ships and the latter is suitable for large oil tankers.

Choose according to fluid properties. Fluids have different physical and chemical properties, some are suitable for low temperature environments, some are very corrosive, some are flammable and explosive, and some are very volatile. According to the different characteristics of the transported fluid, different unloading arm materials and details need to be selected.

Choose according to price expectations. Different types and brands of unloading arms have different prices, quality and service life. If you plan to invest in the petrochemical transportation industry for a long time, it is recommended to choose a good price and high quality.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a marine loading arm?

Choose the material of the loading arm. The general pipe material is stainless steel, but there are some differences in internal details, some are resistant to low temperatures, some are suitable for land operations, and some are resistant to acid corrosion. Need to choose the material according to the details.

Select the manufacturer of the loading arm. Although the manufacturers on the market all claim that the production process is similar, the slight difference in the process will cause the actual use experience to be very different.

Choose transportation. Needless to say, the reputation of various express companies across the country is clear to everyone. Some merchants can specify the delivery method, but more often customers cannot choose to deliver.

In short, the choice of marine unloading arm requires special attention, and it is necessary to learn relevant knowledge in advance to make a more efficient choice. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company absorbed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more related questions, please come here.

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