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What should I do if the loading arm fails?

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Any item has its life cycle, and most of them will appear or get more minor faults in the middle. So, what should I do if the loading arm fails?

The following is the outline:

What should I do if the loading arm fails?

What should I pay attention to when the loading arm fails?

What are the lessons learned from loading arm failure?

What should I do if the loading arm fails?

Turn off the power. Many loading arms are controlled by a batch controller. At this time, the equipment manager should turn off the power through the controller at the first time. This is responsible for the safety of workers and transported fluids.

Call the relevant personnel. Each company has a special security office, and there are also special agencies in charge of industrial and chemical safety throughout the country. In this way, you can choose to dial the phone number of the directly related personnel and register to request rescue.

Organize irrelevant personnel to evacuate the scene. This is a very important step. Sometimes the transported fluid has the characteristics of flammability and explosion, and many people staying at the fault site may be threatened.

What should I pay attention to when the loading arm fails?

Hear expert opinions. Due to the development of the self-media, freedom of speech has made unprecedented progress, but some self-media fabricated scientific rumors have led to an extreme decline in public trust in so-called experts. However, in real life, experts have a close grasp of knowledge on one side, and it is worth heeding advice.

Find the source of the problem. In many cases, the failure of loading equipment that people see is only the result of the failure, but the cause of the failure can not be found. However, how the failure occurs and how to solve it is more important.

Keep a detailed record of what happened. Modern equipment is developing rapidly, and it can be used to complete recording in various forms such as graphics, text, and video.

What are the lessons learned from loading arm failure?

Do a good job in the prevention and daily screening of failures. It is necessary to strictly abide by safety-related regulations, and do a good job of safety screening of the equipment in a timely manner, so that the failure can be eliminated from the source.

Divide responsibility to individuals. In the collective, due to the ideological influence of the law not responsible for the public, individuals tend to have a slightly weak sense of responsibility in the concentration. However, assigning specific tasks to individuals can better solve this problem.

Strictly control the manufacturer and installation process. The quality of different equipment is different, and the failure may not be due to the worker's operation error but the equipment itself not working properly.

In short, the safety of personnel after the loading arm fails is the most important, and secondly, problems related to troubleshooting and preventive management must be handled. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company devoted in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more needs, please come to consult.

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