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What is a land loading arm?

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The land loading arm, which is familiar to professional and technical workers, is still a very unfamiliar concept in the eyes of the general public. So, what is a land loading arm?

The following is the outline:

What are the common types of land loading arms?

What is the function of the land loading arm?

What are the parts of the land loading arm?

What are the common types of land loading arms?

Top loading arm. The fluid transfer equipment is connected from the top of the filling tank on the top of the truck. There are two classifications: open and closed. Closed connections are mostly used to transport dangerous or toxic products. Sometimes, in order to balance the internal and external air pressure of the equipment or prevent the fluid in the tank from being released to the atmosphere, hoses are arranged on the loading equipment, which can ensure the safety of the product and the social environment.

Bottom loading arm. Fluid transfer equipment connected from the side or bottom of the truck. The difference between the top and the bottom is not just a difference in physical orientation, it is suitable for different fluids. Therefore, it is necessary to select the appropriate unloading arm type according to the density and chemical characteristics of the transported items.

What is the function of the land loading arm?

Transport fluid. The main function is to complete the fluid transmission between the pipeline system and the tanker. This kind of transmission can be two-way, depending on the characteristics of the fluid, choose to connect the transfer facility from the top or the side of the truck.

Transport oil. For example, petroleum, gasoline, diesel, oil and other flammable and explosive dangerous goods must be transported by equipment with good airtightness and strong safety during the transmission process.

Transport other chemicals. In addition, some expensive chemicals that require more care during the distribution process, or chemicals that are not suitable for being discharged into the air, also require the use of professional transmission equipment.

What are the parts of the land loading arm?

Transmission device. Mainly include various types of pipelines. At this time, the overall framework of the entire device and equipment, other connections and control systems are built on the basis of various pipelines.

Connect the device. Including rotary joints, steam cones, sealing caps, quick joints, dry street, emergency release joints, etc. These joints of various shapes can connect the pipelines well to complete the transmission.

Control device. Such as counterweight balance system, vacuum circuit breaker, liquid level sensor, downspout deflector, etc. These control devices can accurately control the distribution process of various fluids and prevent the steam from overflowing.

In short, the land loading arm is mainly composed of top and bottom, and the main function is fluid transmission and distribution. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company immersed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. There are related needs, welcome to consult.

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