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What is a batch controller?

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In the industrial chemical industry, loading a processor is a fairly common concept. However, for many ordinary people, the probability of loading a processor is still relatively unfamiliar. So, what is a batch controller?

The following is the outline:

1.What is a batch controller?

2.Why use a batch controller?

3.What should be paid attention to when choosing a batch controller?

What is a batch controller?

1.Feeding controller. The main function is quantitative feeding. With the loading controller, all machines under the jurisdiction of the controller can be screened, and the transportation parameters of various fluids can be uniformly adjusted.

2.Program control. Through Internet connection and program control, the loading process is transparent and controllable. Furthermore, the loading controller is the core of the loading equipment and requires special attention.

3.Bulk operation. It's a bit similar to a folder in a computer. Through the controller, you can clearly know the operation status and whether there is any abnormality. In addition, the setting of connecting to the Internet also makes remote control and operation possible

Why use a batch controller?

1.Understand the conditions of the equipment. As the overall control instrument, the batch controller can visually display the operating parameters of the loading arm through the LED screen. At the same time, the loading controller has the functions of sound warning and remote control, which can be used to avoid the danger of equipment failure.

2.Quantitative feeding. If the amount of fluid delivered is controlled only manually, there are often inaccuracies. Therefore, the controller introduces machine intelligence into the production field, turning this repetitive mechanical work into a precise assembly line operation.

3.Prevent accidents. The batch controller has functions such as overcharge protection, grounding protection, and power failure protection. Therefore, it can provide a line of defense for the equipment and instruments of the entire factory, and the equipment will automatically cut off power in an emergency.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a batch controller?

1.Choose according to your needs. There are many practical functions of the loading controller, but the main functions of different equipment are different. Therefore, it is necessary to select the main loading controller according to specific needs.

2.Choose according to budget. The quality and service life of controllers at different prices are different, so in order to select the right controller more efficiently, you need to make a budget in advance.

3.Pay attention to the choice of manufacturers. The quality of the product is not only related to the processing technology, but also related to the specific requirements of the manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to choose well-known controller manufacturers first, if you can know the factory location, it would be better.

In short, the main function of the batch controller is quantitative feeding, which plays an important role in production. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company kept its’ mind on the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have controller-related needs, please come here to consult.

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