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What are the functions of the batch controller?

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As one of the common appliances in the petrochemical industry, batch controllers have always played an important role in transportation. So, what are the functions of the batch controller?

The following is the outline:

What are the basic functions of the batch controller?

What are the extended functions of the batch controller?

Which functions of the batch controller are used to ensure safety?

What are the basic functions of the batch controller?

1.Parameter preset function. By setting the flow coefficient, advance value, liquid density, etc. in advance, the loading arm is controlled to transfer fluid quantitatively and regularly. This can effectively and orderly complete the fluid distribution.

2.Load control. According to the parameters set in advance, the system will automatically complete the loading and loading process. In addition, when the fluid in the set parameters is added, the system will stop working by itself.

3.Data collection function. The machine can collect the value in the flowmeter in the preset parameters, and input the thermal resistance temperature signal through the converter, so that the threshold value of the switch can be set. Thus, functions such as overcharge protection and electrostatic protection are achieved.

What are the extended functions of the batch controller?

1.Remote and local real-time monitoring function. The controller comes with a bright LED display, and the manager can choose to view the real-time status of the loading equipment, loading process and internal fluid. In this way, various parameters can be understood without checking on the spot.

2.Communication function. The loading controller can be connected to other devices through the Internet, so that the information of various devices can be shared in real time, and the resource sharing efficiency is higher.

3.Self-check function. The loading controller can understand its own working status by comparing its own operating conditions and various parameters. Therefore, when there is an abnormal parameter in the loading controller, the system will automatically alarm.

Which functions of the batch controller are used to ensure safety?

1.Overcharge protection function. When the fluid in the pipeline of the loading equipment exceeds the set parameters, the system will automatically stop loading.

2.Grounding protection function. In physics, in order to ensure the safety of the wire path, a neutral wire, a ground wire and a live wire are generally set. Therefore, in the loading equipment, a grounded ground wire is also required to protect safety.

3.Power-off protection function. This function is a bit similar to the file reading in the game. In other words, when the machine is unexpectedly powered off due to external forces during operation, the system will automatically store the parameters. When there is electricity again, it can continue to run.

In short, the batch controller has many functions, in addition to the above-mentioned functions, there are functions such as on-site emergency stop function, operation authority setting, and on-site instrument power supply. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company applyed itself to the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have any loading controller-related needs, welcome to consult here.

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