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What are the common types of flow meters?

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The main function of the flow meter is to measure the velocity of the cross-section of the pipeline in a unit of time. Flow meters are very necessary in industrial loading and transportation. So, what are the common types of flow meters?

The following is the outline:

What are the common types of flow meters?

What are the advantages of volumetric flow meters?

What are the advantages of mass flow meters?

What are the common types of flow meters?

1.Electromagnetic flow. That is, by calculating the electromagnetic fluctuations caused by the fluid in the selected position of a certain cross section. The electromagnetic flowmeter utilizes the relevant knowledge of electromagnetic reaction, the measurement is accurate, and it is widely used.

2.Volume flow. That is to measure the amount of fluid represented by volume. The flow volume is determined by detecting the area occupied by the cross section of the fluid in the pipe. This measurement method is the most convenient and simple, and the matching LRD screen display is also very intuitive.

3.Mass Flow. That is, it is displayed by measuring the flow rate expressed by mass. This test method requires sensitive quality inspection equipment and is widely used.

What are the advantages of volumetric flow meters?

1.Affordable. Compared with other methods of flow meters, the method of volumetric flow measurement has the lowest cost. Moreover, the volume measurement does not require precise and sensitive equipment, it only needs to measure how much area in the pipeline is empty, and the measurement is also accurate.

2.The data is intuitive. Volume measurement directly shows the volume of fluid in the pipeline, so that workers can easily understand whether the fluid is overcharged and whether the flow rate is normal.

3.easy to use. The operator only needs to insert the flowmeter into the appropriate interface to complete the flow detection, and only needs to purchase more flowmeters to easily detect at multiple points at the same time.

What are the advantages of mass flow meters?

1.Consider the density of the fluid. The fluid meter with quality as the standard shows not the area of the fluid in the pipe cross section, but the impact force on a certain i cross section. Therefore, this way of taking the fluid density into account is more scientific.

2.Suitable for choosing different thickness of stainless steel pipe wall. By measuring the quality of the fluid, it is possible to determine how thick a stainless steel pipe is a suitable transmission tool for this type of fluid. This can last longer.

3.Precision equipment. Mass flowmeters rely on internal sensors to complete flow detection, so it is possible to test more accurate data.

In short, there are many common types of flow meters, of which volume flow and mass flow are the most commonly used. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company immersed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about loading equipment flow, welcome to consult.

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