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How to use the batch controller?

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In the world of ants, the queen manipulates many ants, occupying a guiding position. In a sense, the loading controller is a bit like the queen in the ant world. So, how to use the batch controller?

The following is the outline:

Why use a batch controller?

How to use the batch controller?

What should be paid attention to when using batch controller?

Why use a batch controller?

Control flow parameters in advance. The loading controller has the function of parameter adjustment, and the system will complete quantitative feeding according to the instructions of the set parameters. In addition, when the feeding quality exceeds the system setting value, the system will automatically stop.

Protect safety. The loading controller has multiple protection measures such as power failure protection, grounding protection, overload protection, and emergency power failure protection. With the loading controller, it is an extra insurance for the personal safety of workers.

Remote monitoring and adjustment. The loading controller can be connected to the Internet, and various parameters of other equipment can be observed on the built-in LED display.

How to use the batch controller?

Understand the parameters. The most important function of the loading controller is quantitative feeding. Therefore, the person who controls the controller needs to know the physical and chemical characteristics of the fluid in advance, as well as the flow coefficient, advancement, valve opening time and other parameters in the controller.

Arrange for special control. Although the loading controller has a simple operation interface, it has a great influence behind the simple operations. Therefore, it needs to be equipped with professional people with theoretical and practical experience to cooperate with the realization.

Regular maintenance. As the display control system of various parameters, the loading controller is directly related to the safety of many equipments. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the loading controller's own data is accurate and trustworthy.

What should be paid attention to when using batch controller?

Adjust the parameters according to the specific situation. The balance modes of the loading arm rely on counterweight, spring arm, pneumatic or electro-hydraulic. Therefore, for different system balance modes and fluid characteristics, different parameter modes need to be adjusted.

Establish an early warning system. Although the loading controller has its own warning system, the warning system will only be triggered when the system climbs a certain department and runs abnormally. Therefore, manual experience and machine cooperation are required.

Do a good job of PLAN B. Some loading controllers will have the function of automatically storing parameters when power is off, but sometimes the machine will fail to automatically store when power off. Therefore, the relevant parameters need to be recorded regularly.

In short, although the interface of the batch controller is obvious and the operation is simple, the simple operation has a great impact on the overall situation, so the operator needs to learn more. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company got down to the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more doubts about the controller, you are welcome here.

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