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How to deal with the idle batch controller?

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In the era of sharing economy, resources that can be used multiple times are more popular with the public and more environmentally friendly. So, how should the idle batch controller be handled?

The following is the outline:

Why deal with idle batch controllers?

How to deal with the idle batch controller?

What should I pay attention to when handling idle batch controllers?

Why deal with idle batch controllers?

1.Improve resource utilization. Protecting the environment and improving resource utilization are major events related to the destiny of mankind. This should not be exclusive to environmentalists, but should be the consensus of all mankind. Dealing with the idle controller can give it a new home.

2.Reduce land-occupied inventory. In recent years, the Nordic minimalist style has been accepted and loved by more and more people because people are beginning to realize that consumerism has led to more and more non-essential products occupying our private space. Therefore, timely handling of idle controllers can clear up excess space.

3.Promote the upgrading of factories. As the saying goes, the old will not go, and the new will not come. Therefore, the renewal of the factory is reflected in a little equipment update.

How to deal with the idle batch controller?

1.Second-hand resale. There are many second-hand platforms in China. The main functions and features of each platform are different. However, you should choose a large second-hand trading platform with a certain history. The experience and rules of these platforms are relatively complete, and they can provide better after-sales service.

2.It is sold separately as parts. The split work can be handed over to experienced operators in the factory, or it can be sold collectively to the waste recycling station, where a dedicated person is responsible for the sale. However, the sale of the whole piece is not as valuable as the metal sorting and sale. Therefore, if the number of idle controllers is large, it is preferred to split it by yourself.

What should I pay attention to when handling idle batch controllers?

1.Do an inventory of the quantity. Because of idleness, many managers don't pay much attention to idle products. If the number of idle controllers is unclear, the economic loss is second, and the most important thing is that it may cause irreversible environmental pollution in neglect.

2.Choose professional platforms and sales staff. Second-hand transactions are essentially transactions based on their own credit. Therefore, fake products and malicious buyers will exist, and users need to distinguish them carefully.

3.Make anti-counterfeiting signs. Sometimes there is a situation in which someone maliciously substitutes a good idle product and then makes a bad review in the transaction. Therefore, you must design a logo you know for your controller.

In short, the processing of idle batch controllers is relatively important, and requires professional knowledge and professional personnel. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company absorbed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about idle controllers, please contact us.

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