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How to clean the batch controller?

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As a common accessory in industrial production, the controller functions similar to a master switch. Many people neglect the cleaning of the controller in industrial activities. So, how should the batch controller be cleaned?

The following is the outline:

Why should the batch controller be cleaned?

How to clean the batch controller?

What should I pay attention to when cleaning the batch controller?

Why should the batch controller be cleaned?

Maintain overall performance. If too much dust penetrates inside the controller, it may cause internal failure. Therefore, regular cleaning can help the controller maintain the overall performance and prolong its service life.

prevent disease. This year, people pay more and more attention to respiratory diseases caused by microorganisms. Therefore, pay attention to cleaning the surface of the controller to remove bacteria and viruses attached to the device.

Improve the temperament of the factory. The clean and tidy factory environment makes people feel very strong, and the overall style is uplifting. On the contrary, a dirty environment will only reduce the morale of workers.

How to clean the batch controller?

Use alcohol cotton pads to clean. Because the controller occupies a small area, it only needs workers to wipe with cotton pads from time to time to maintain good cleanliness. In addition, clean cotton cloth or paper towels are also good fabrics for cleaning.

Arrange someone to be responsible for the cleaning of the controller. Many people mistakenly ignore cleaners. In fact, cleaning is also a skillful job. For different types of cleaning work, it is best to arrange for someone to clean according to the characteristics of the equipment.

Disinfectant is sprayed. When workers are off work or leisure on holidays, the disinfection and cleaning work of the whole plant can be arranged uniformly. By spraying, multiple instruments can be taken into account.

What should I pay attention to when cleaning the batch controller?

Pay attention to control the concentration of disinfectant. Because some of the chemical fluids transported are flammable and explosive, if the concentration of the disinfectant liquid such as alcohol is too high, it will cause a fire hazard. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to the dosage and ratio of disinfection.

Fixed frequency. It is difficult to stick to one thing unless it becomes a habit. Therefore, the fixed frequency cleaning is to help workers form the habit of paying attention to hygiene and cleaning, which will benefit the long-term development of the factory.

Don't let the corners go. The more difficult it is to clean dead corners, the more time and energy it takes to clean, so as to have a deep cleaning effect.

In short, the cleaning of batch controllers is very important. Doing a good job of cleaning can prolong the service life of the controllers and ensure safe use. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company engrossed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have more questions about the controller, please contact us.

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