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How to choose folding stairs?

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In the fluid loading of the petrochemical industry, sometimes there will be a certain height of workers to operate, then it is necessary to fold the stairs. So, how should we choose folding stairs?

The following is the outline:

What are the advantages of folding stairs?

How to choose folding stairs?

What should I pay attention to when choosing folding stairs?

What are the advantages of folding stairs?

1.Durable. Generally speaking, the material of folding ladders is cold galvanized or hot-dip galvanized, and the overall performance is relatively stable. According to different scales and sizes, folding ladders can carry a maximum weight of 300KG, which satisfies the needs of operators well.

2.Non-slip. The steps of the folding ladders are made of grille plates, which have high friction and are not easy to slip even in the extreme weather of rain and snow.

3.Safety cage design. This kind of safety cage design only exists in some folding ladders, so you need to pay more attention to it when buying.

How to choose folding stairs?

1.Determined according to height. The general folding ladders are three steps, which meets most of the work needs. If the three-step staircase cannot reach the right height in your working occasion, you can also customize the multi-step staircase.

2.According to the material of the stairs. In addition to common galvanized materials, stainless steel materials can also be selected. In that case, stainless steel is acid and corrosion resistant, has a longer service life, and is stronger.

3.Choose according to the installation location. Folding ladders can be installed on the top or side of the floor. Folding ladders occupies more space than other integrated stairs when folded, and also reduces the possibility of collision with other equipment during driving.

What should I pay attention to when choosing folding stairs?

1.Pay attention to the load. Generally speaking, the carrying capacity of hot-dip galvanizing is greater than that of cold-dip galvanizing. The carrying capacity of cold-galvanized folding ladders may be only 150KG, while the load of carbon steel and hot-dip galvanizing can reach 300KG.

2.Pay attention to the width of the steps. Step broadband is not only about workers' operating space, but also closely related to workers' safety and efficiency. Choose the appropriate step width based on the size of the platform and the volume of the workers themselves.

3.Pay attention to the manufacturer. For folding ladders of the same material, the overall quality will vary greatly depending on the manufacturer and production process. Therefore, we must pay attention to the brand evaluation and product quality evaluation of the staircase manufacturer.

In short, choosing folding stairs is not that simple. You need to understand many aspects such as the material of the stairs and the width of the stairs. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company specializing in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you have any doubts about folding stairs, please contact us.

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