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How to choose a batch controller?

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Almost every chemical manufacturer has a controller, however, different controllers have different functions and applicable objects. So, how should a batch controller be selected?

The following is the outline:

Why choose a batch controller?

How to choose a batch controller?

What should be paid attention to when choosing a batch controller?

Why choose a batch controller?

You can adjust the parameters by yourself. The controller has parameter adjustment control, which can achieve the effect of quantitative feeding through various parameters such as advance value and flow rate.

safer. The loading controller is equivalent to the master control switch in home appliances. Therefore, the controller with overload protection, grounding protection, and power failure protection can make the factory work without any worries.

remote control. At this stage, the most common technology used by machine intelligence in industrial production is remote control. Therefore, the timely adjustment of equipment parameters can be operated more efficiently through the network of the controller.

How to choose a batch controller?

Choose a well-known platform. The platform has its own set of screening mechanism, and large shopping platforms like Amazon have a unique set of bidding ranking mechanism, which can intelligently push related products to target customers. Therefore, it is very important to choose a well-known platform.

Choose well-known manufacturers. In many cases, popularity is not the same as product quality. However, at least popularity and product quality are positively correlated. Because if the products produced by big brands do not meet expectations, a large number of consumers will be lost.

Choose well-known sellers. The same is a seller, and the service experience of different sellers is very different. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to choosing controller sellers with high praise and high store ratings on Amazon.

What should be paid attention to when choosing a batch controller?

Install parts properly. The received parts are best dealt with separately, so as to minimize the possibility of parts loss. In addition, some spare parts can be prepared in advance as substitutes, which can guarantee the machine operation with maximum efficiency. When installing, also look for professional workers, even if the installation sequence is not correct, there may be safety hazards.

Choose the right logistics company. Different logistics companies have different attitudes towards products, and the speed of transportation is also different. Therefore, you need to choose logistics according to your own needs, and try to avoid logistics companies that have a poor reputation in the minds of consumers.

Pay attention to the after-sale period. Everything can be damaged. Therefore, companies with a long after-sales warranty period should be selected first.

In short, the batch controller is very important, and the selection of the batch controller should be based on one's own needs and funds. Lianyungang Loadarm Industry Co., Ltd. (LICO) is a company immersed in the production, manufacturing and sales of fluid loading and unloading equipment. If you need more in-depth knowledge of controller selection, please come to us. In addition, we also provide Flow Meter, Petrochemical Valve and other products.

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